Acquisition & Renovation(12-18 Mo.)

Short term financing for the acquisition of a property as well as financing of the renovation costs in one loan. Exit plan should be to renovate and resell,  or improve and rent with refinancing out to a longer term loan. Prior renovation experience as well as the renovation budget and scope of work on your project will dictate program availability. These loans typically close in 15 Business days or less.

TERM: 12-18 Months

ARV: Up to 70% of Appraised ARV

Credit 620+

LTC: Up to 90% of Total Project Including Acquisition & Renovation Costs

Down Payment: As Low As 10% Down

Loan Amount: $75,000 – $10,000,000+

One Loan Including Acquisition & Renovation Costs

No Pre Payment Penalty

Investment Properties Only

Must Be Held in An Entity

No Owner Occupied Properties

Residential 1-4

Typically 5-8 Days to Close

Programs Available Nationwide


Longer Term Hold (24 Months+)

Longer term financing with up to 30 year terms for real estate investors who are looking to buy & hold property in their rental portfolio for investment. Fix to Rent Take Out Option. The property qualifies for the loan not your personal income. Great products for Fix to Rent, or Cash Out Long Term Holds. Works well for investors looking for 1031 exchanges that do not qualify with traditional bank finance options allowing them to complete exchanges to better position their portfolio with better asset quality and cash flow. This product allows for better rates than shorter term products.

TERM: 30 Year Fixed Products

LTV:  Up to 80%

Min Credit Score: 650

Loan Amount: $75,000 – $10,000,000+

No Income Verification/DTI Calculations

No Personal Tax Returns or 4506

No Limit on Number of Current Loans

Rents, LTV, Credit Score Determine Interest Rates

3 Year Pre Payment Penalty 3/2/1

Rented or Rent Ready Properties

SFR, 2-4 Unit, or Condo

Typically 14-21 Days To Close

Vacation Short Term Rental Program Available Case by Case

Program Available NationWide


Shorter Term (12-24 Months)

Short term refinancing is for the investor who wants cash out. Possibly for renovation or acquisition of another property while the current property is on the market or in a  short term lease. Long term refinance would be an option for an investor looking to hold a property for longer than a 2 yr. term as a rental and would realize best terms in our Rent & Hold programs. Bridge Loans are great options for an investor with more of their own capital on hand that can be used to purchase a property needing to close quickly or at an auction with their own available cash. We would then refinance after the purchase of the property with investors own capital. These loans typically close in 15 days or less.

Short Term: 12-24 Months

LTV: Up to 80%

Credit 620+

Loan Amount: $75,000 – $2,000,000+

30 Day Seasoning

No Income or DTI Calculations

No Personal Tax Returns or 4506

Must Be Held In An Entity

No Limit on Number of Loans

No Pre-Payment Penalty

Investment Property Only

No Owner Occupied Properties

Residential 1-4 or Multifamily

Program Available NationWide