Pioneer Finance is a direct private Lender, dedicated to single family home investors. We are committed to helping borrowers achieving their Fix & Flip and Refinancing goals. We are dedicated to providing quick responses to time-sensitive loans. Our responsiveness and competitiveness are unmatched in the industry, and we can close your loan in as few as 5 business days. Our first-in-class customer service allows us to build lasting relationships with our borrowers.

The Pioneer Finance Advantage

  • Renovation costs: 100% covered
  • Purchase price: 80% to 95% borrowed from Pioneer Finance
  • Closing costs: Up to 100% covered
  • New investors accepted
  • Loan extension possible
  • Prepayment penalty: NONE
  • LTV for refinance: Up to 95%
  • ARV for fix & flip: Up to 75%
  • 6% Interest rate